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Another famous visitor was Clarke Gable who was flying across the channel and onwards to Sheffield when over the Channel they were shot at and had to make an emergency landing here. The plane was repaired and they were on their way in a couple of days.

A range of planes including Mustangs, Typhoons & Spitfires used the airfield and it is incredible today to appreciate that at the height of its use nearly 100 planes regularly used the airfield. Avro Ansons were also brought in to ferry the casualties from D Day and also to carry plasma to Normandy .

Another very important job was that of the local brewery to fill a spitfire bomb with beer and then it was delivered to France for the troops. The Chapels front porch was knocked out to enable aircraft engines to be repaired inside and so to was the south side of the house to gain more visibility of the runway. The house was then reinstated and rendered and therefore gives the appearance of a much younger house on the outside.

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