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History of Our Home

The House and Chapel date back to 1611 and were built by the owner of the farm at the time. The Chapel is a beautiful flint and stone building and is located within the garden. History suggests the building was last used as a Chapel in 1847.

Activities of a very different nature started during the Second World War after the Battle of Britain when plan commenced for the invasion of France . The house and chapel became part of operation Hadrian and became one of the 82 advanced landing grounds in the South of England. There were a number of British squadrons; for example 66 Squadron, 602 `City of Glasgow ' Squadron, 19 Squadron, also 350 Belgium Squadron, and finally two Squadrons from the Norwegian Free Air force 331 & 332 Squadron’s. The main house was used as the paymaster’s office and flight control offices.

During the time the Norwegians were here, Crown Prince Olav visited and stayed in the House. However we do not get a free Christmas Tree!!  

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